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Rims or Wheels. We are here for you.


Let us assist you!

Unsure of how your vehicle will look with new wheels? Click on one of the links below to try out one of our wheel visualizers!

Setup an appointment today with Paul at


to go through which options will fit you, your style and your vehicle.

Custom Wheels

There are choices galore and sometimes overwhelming options.

We help you drill down to what you really want for your vehicle and what actually fits your vehicle. Links to some options are below to help you visualize.

High Quality Chromed and Painted Repro duplicating wheels on popular vehicles

Made Exclusively to Fit on BMW

High Performance Corvette Wheels

Including American Force, American Eagle, Asanti, ATX, KMC, Motegi, Moto and more

High Quality Multi-Piece Wheels

Staggered One-Piece Wheels

Made Exclusively to Fit on Lexus

Made Exclusively to Fit on Mercedes Benz

Spiff up your everday driver including Ion, Touren, Mayhem and more

We have everything from Winter Wheels + Rims, Steel Wheels + Rims, Chrome Wheels + Rims, Forged Wheels, and Aluminum Wheels.

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